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From the time we are babies, humans consciously and subconsciously watch how other speakers form the sounds of language. Our Teach product gives a digital version of this experience of face-to-face tutoring at a fraction of the cost. Our Teach product is utilizing the latest in animation and machine learning technology to create life-like animations via mapping real, native speaker audio to pre-set facial models. These animations are the closest virtual representation to a real, face to face tutor in the market today.

We create this product via the audio ‘wave form’ being mapped specifically to the facial model and exported in a static video format. This can be integrated into content via a simple API. The student has optionality on whether to choose the standard definition images or select crisp HD /1080p resolution. This ensures the ultimate learning experience for the student.

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Language Confidence Learn


As humans, we learn language by hearing sounds, words and sentences repeatedly. We grow to know what is the ‘correct’ pronunciation, intonation, speed, etc for different scenarios. Language Confidence has emulated this approach in training our Test product by offering real time, metric based feedback on the student’s spoken proficiency. The Test product can be easily integrated into existing mobile or online offerings thus maintaining and optimizing the user experience. The product can be used as an on-going tool to aid students with their spoken proficiency, as well as streamline course applications or to automate standardized tests.

Our Test product has been engineered with the help of our world class team of engineers and academics whom specialize in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our team hails from leading institutions such as MIT, IBM, Google and DeepMind. The Language Confidence team has developed a system that can be trained to provide feedback on individual desired metrics such as: intonation, pronunciation and fluency. These metrics within the model can then be further amended if desired.

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